About Godafoss

Founded on the concept of abundance symbolized by the beautiful Icelandic waterfall, Godafoss seeks to surpass the expectations of its investors and the community at large by conducting business in a deliberate, knowledgeable, and responsible manner.

We understand that in all respects, our investors' interests are preeminent and that in responsible management and selfless service, a successful relationship of trust, growth, and enduring abundance can be achieved. In striving to meet the needs of both our existing and incoming investors, we work hard to develop research platforms for new and potential investment products, perform extensive due diligence activities, and ensure our investors that our knowledge and execution of industry standards are unsurpassed.

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Core Values

Outstanding Investors Service

Knowing that our primary mission is to serve our investors' interests, we focus our efforts on a level of service that delivers productivity and satisfaction with the ultimate goal of exceeding our investors' expectations

Service to Others

At Godafoss, we know we have an inherent responsibility to serve our investors and to benefit our communities. Balancing non-financial factors with our investors' priorities is the core of our responsibility

Zen Principles

Clarity, Efficiency, Precision: Putting our best talents to work to serve the needs of our investors is both gratifying for us and profitable for our investors

Leading with Fresh Insight

Staying up to date on industry standards and actively seeking opportunities that others may miss